Monday, March 23, 2009

To top it off they IRRADIATE their meat!

Mad Cow Omaha Steaks 'proudly' advertises on their website that they IRRADIATE ALL THEIR MEAT! This means they expose it to high levels of ionizing radiation to kill bacteria and any parasites that might be in it. This does NOT mean that the meat itself become radioactive, but it does mean that the radiation has caused a whole lot of chemical reactions to occur in their meat that otherwise wouldn't have happened.

Irradiation of food has been controversial for decades but has finally won FDA approval. With irradiation even the dirtiest food will be sterilized of its bacteria and parasites (NOT the misfolded proteins that cause Mad Cow Disease however) but what they don't tell you, and what the FDA worried about for years, was the possibility of the chemical reaction byproducts of irradiation being dangerous. That's mainly because ionizing radiation causes the formation of high levels of free radicals in food, and free radicals being highly reactive chemically will cause a lot of chemical reactions to occur INDIRECTLY as a result of radiation exposure, even more than DIRECT effects. DIRECT effects of radiation in this case would be the chemical reactions caused by the radiation itself instead of acting through the mechanism of free radical formation. Even though the INDIRECT effects usually outweigh the DIRECT effects of radiation, both are important, or should be to anyone concerned about food safety.

Free radicals in food can often react with antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, and glutathione peroxidase (sometimes known as 'free radical scavengers') to prevent the free radicals from going on to do chemical damage, but in so doing they deplete the food of its antioxidants. Normally in living tissues new antioxidants will replace the used-up ones but of course this can't happen in dead meat, so what you wind up with with irradiated Omaha Steaks is dead meat depleted by radiation of much of its nutrient value. Of course you also have whatever radiation-induced chemical reaction products were produced by direct effects of the radiation and chemical reaction products produced by indirect effects of the free radicals that did not get successfully scavenged by antioxidants. And the new chemicals formed can be almost anything not naturally occurring in the food, which is why the FDA banned food irradiation for years. What they have done, and what they don't tell you, is that they decided to approve food irradiation after numerous studies showed that the nasty chemicals formed by irradiation were TOO LOW IN QUANTITY TO BE CONSIDERED DANGEROUS. In other words, only a little bit of poison is formed in food by irradiation, so the FDA figures you can handle it. And the people at the FDA who actually made that decision don't mind one bit the millions of dollars spent on them by food industry lobbyists to convince them that only a little bit of poison won't hurt you. It took decades for them to be convinced, but eventually they were. This is the same agency that DOESN'T REQUIRE ALL CATTLE TO BE TESTED FOR MAD COW DISEASE either, now isn't that comforting?

Mad Cow Irradiated Meat is what you get from Omaha Steaks. Nasty dead meat depleted of its antioxidants by irradiation but still able to transmit Mad Cow Disease to you. Omaha Steaks knows this, but you won't hear them admit it. They are knowingly and deliberately transmitting a horrible disease that causes people to literally lose their minds as they also drool on themselves and crap their pants. And they give this to you in substandard food depleted by radiation of much of its nutritive value and containing a witch's brew of who-knows-what chemical reaction products. You'd have to be crazy to purchase their products knowing what you know now. Tell all your friends about Omaha Steaks and the FDA approving irradiation so that they too can avoid irradiated foods and Mad Cow Disease.