Sunday, January 3, 2010

Less than a year later Omaha Steaks has changed their policy about irradiating their dead meat products

Honestly I don't follow them closely enough to know when the change was made but it was sometime well before the end of 2009 and I am just posting it now: Omaha Steaks has stopped irradiating ALL their meat and now only irradiates their ground meat products. Details can be found on the Omaha Steaks Product Safety Information page. This is what they have to say NOW as to why they use irradiation, which makes one wonder what their justification was for using it on ALL their meat less than a year ago today?

Why is Omaha Steaks using irradiation on Ground Beef only?
Steaks and roasts are solid pieces of meat that bacteria cannot permeate. Any bacteria that may exist on the surface of the meat is eliminated as soon as the product is heated. Unlike solid cuts of meat, the potential exists that surface bacteria may have been mixed within ground beef.

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